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New Referees

Getting Started with LRA and quick overview.

This is a summary to get new referees to the Livermore Referee Association "LRA" membership started quickly. The sections below offer more details about different parts of being involved with LRA, getting games, payment, growing and all sorts of things to support the officials. We are a team!

JOINING LRA – LRA welcomes referees that are just starting out their careers or have been doing this a long time. Below is some information on how to join LRA as well as how to get your USSF badge.

ALREADY HAVE YOUR USSF BADGE? – If you are a USSF-registered referee and want to referee youth matches in Livermore contact the LRA Referee Assignor indicating your interest and information requested below. Current referee pay is available on this site. Note that LRA will only assign referees what will be at least 13 years old in the Fall season.

  1. Go to https://www.gameofficials.net
  2. Click on "My Assignors" under "Personal Info" on the left side home page
  3. Click on "Show" to the left of "Join New Group"
  4. Enter the information below:
  5. Group/Assignor Number: 1360
  6. Group Access Code: LRA
  7. Click "Join Group" and a request will be sent to the assignor. A confirmation will be sent once approval has been completed.


Wanted to get your USSF Referee badge? Livermore has courses each year that will be listed. Upon passing a course, just give us the information below and you will soon be getting more information as to how to get games and mentoring. CNRA is the state organization that manages the soccer referee courses, clinics and badges. Check for upcoming referee courses. You will need to have a https://cnra.gameofficials.net account to see the list which is quick and easy to start. Upon passes your USSF referee course, follow the instruction above to join LRA and start your referee career with us.


Games available to you are based on a number of things including, your rank (which is based on your skills and experience) as well as availability (yours and the games). Games may be scrimmages, season or tournament match. As your skills and experience increase, so will your rank which opens up more levels of games to you.


On a regular basis (usually every two weeks in fall as that is our heaviest part of the year) you will be paid for the games that you have done where the center referee has completed the game report to verify the games has happened and which referees were present to do the job.

LRA strongly encourages every referee to sign up for GOpay. This is system that is used to send payment electronically. From there, you manage your own methods of storing up payment or getting the funds sent to you via check or electronically sent to your own checking/savings account.


As referees, we do most of our learning "on the job". We do games. As we get better at our skills, we get ranked higher to get more challenging games to grow our experience.

We have a strong mentoring program (actually we are well known for this). We make sure that all games have a level of referee crew that complements the others to support and provide feedback to each other. Every referee at ALL LEVELS should get and give constructive feedback after games. Additionally, you will see mentors on the fields most days throughout the year observing and providing appropriate feedback either after the game or later in email or in person. We will also directly assign mentors to fields to help all the referees in those times slots. Most importantly, when you are ready for a next bigger step, we can assign a mentor directly to you to watch and provide feedback. This is also an option to you, especially when taking your first center position or two.

Attending our monthly membership meetings on the fourth Monday of most months is an awesome way to get information, hear other people's experience as well as get advice or share your own experiences. The stories are one of the unexpected enjoyments of officiating.


Reading all the details below while make you an informed referee in LRA and you will get acquainted with the happenings and processes much quicker. Also, don't forget the monthly meetings. Let the fun begin now and WELCOME!

Needless to say, good communication to and from the referees and the assignors will make everyone's life easier and more fun. Let us know how things are going for you. When you are ready to get more challenging games, let us know. If you have any issues or questions, contact us.

Monthly LRA Membership Meetings

There are a lot of reasons that every LRA referee should come to the monthly membership meetings on the fourth Monday of very month at the Livermore Library at 7pm. August is the most important month followed closely by all the rest. So come, learn, enjoy the snacks!

Emails: You will see email through the season to keep you informed. These usually come on Wednesdays to show LRA game coverage, weather notes, key position still open that need a referee. The assignor checks emails every day. Write anytime.

Social Media

Twitter: Follow LRA http://twitter.com/LivermoreRef.

Facebook: LRA is on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/LivermoreRefs. Photos, referee comments, news, meeting announcements, and more!

Instagram: LRA is on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/livermorerefs/

Face-to-Face: See you on the pitch!

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