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Assignments – Getting Games and Growing

Getting games and growing

Working as a referee requires doing games. These are the GO features that allow referee to quickly locate games they want to do.

"My Availablity" in GO

While LRA's GO settings assume referees are available, it is perferable that referees actually update their schedule for times they are actually looking for games. PLEASE PLEASE block time you are NOT available for games. Nothing wastes more time and assigning games to referees that are actually not available and it always takes time for a referee to respond and the assigner has to start over again. By the way, referees with more than one league can put available and/or blocked time for more than one league at a time.

"Open Games" in GO

Shows games that have openings on them. This allows a referee to see where his help is most needed. LRA has set this option to show the names of the referees on the open games. Note: There is not a way to show all games with all assignments.


Referees all grow at their own rate. Growth is a combination of time on the field, training, education, effort, age, maturity (physical and mental) and the like. The ranking levels used by LRA help match up referees and games to the skill set needed for a positive experience.


As referees, we do most of our learning "on the job". We do games. As we get better at our skills, we get ranked higher to get more challenging games to grow our experience. LRA Mentors are available to everyone to improve. We are pro-active and frequent in our review of the referees. Each referee owns their own career so it is vital that the keep us updated on their current needs and their future goals so together we can support each other.

We have a strong mentoring program (actually we are well known for this). We make sure that all games have a level of referee crew that complements the others to support and provide feedback to each other. Every referee at ALL LEVELS should get and give constructive feedback after games. Additionally, you will see mentors on the fields most days throughout the year observing and providing appropriate feedback either after the game or later in email or in person. We will also directly assign mentors to fields to help all the referees in those times slots. Most importantly, when you are ready for a next bigger step, we can assign a mentor directly to you to watch and provide feedback. This is also an option to you, especially when taking your first center position or two.

"Mentoring Days"

Mentoring days will be specific days where some of our mentoring team will be assigned to a field and provide constructive feedback to all referees at the field. These days are at the start of the Fall season will be focused on our new referees that just earned their badges and those that got in just a few games last year. Watch for more details on that soon. If you are a new referee and want to make sure to get in on those games, contact us as soon as you can. We will be trying to call all new referees. Some U12 and U14 Division 4 AR positions on in August will not be self-assignable until we first attempt to assign some of the new referees. After a few days, remaining open positions will be released to self-assigning.

We are also offering direct 1on1 mentoring matches up the season as well as D&Gs (Direction and Guidance) for up and coming referees. Ask us for details if you are interested.

"Self-Assign" in GO

Shows games that have the referee is ranked and available for that need referees. Clicking on the blue position links will assign oneself to the position. By clicking on "remove", a referee can removed him or her self from the game (within LRA settings for self-assignment).

There are a number of settings in the system regarding self-assign. Here are the current settings in the LRA group:

  • 14 days - Auto decline if assignment not accepted after assignment
  • 5 days - Auto decline if assignment not accepted this number of days before the game
  • 3 days - Reminder email of upcoming accepted game prior to the game
  • 21 days - View ahead of games open to self-assignment (for active, available, and ranked referees)
  • 6 games - max number of games on the same game day that a referee can sign up for
  • 10 games - max number of games a referee can sign up for in a 24 hour period
  • There are some exceptions to these settings that may change a referee's number of games one can do on the same day or how far out one can see available self-assignable games. This is an adjustment the assigners reserve the right to implement on a case-by-case basis to ensure all referees have a fair chance at games or the interests of that referee are being best met.

    Removing/Turning back a game

    Once you self - assigned a game, you can remove yourself by going to "My Games" and clicking "remove" next to your name on the game you need to leave. You can do this up until a preset number of days prior to the game (see settings above). After that time you need to email the Assignor to make changes. This gives the assigning time to re-fill the position. Sometimes a referee makes a mistake or one’s personal plans change, which is understandable. Just let us know as soon as possible so we can reassign the position.

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