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Game Day

Preparation on and off the field. Being prepared for a successfull day.

Whatever your age or experience level, every Livermore Referee is expected to be professional at all times: on or off the field, in appearance and in behavior. Before you even hit the field, the players, coaches, and yes, the spectators are sizing you up. Your credibility on the field began getting judged the minute you were in their eye sight. In fact, most referee's reputation is known before they get to the field. From there, your appearance (yes, it is THAT important) and behavior will help influence the others about your actual ability and caring about their game.

Rested and Ready ‐ Referee work is both mentally and phyically demanding. It is vital that one has the rest they need to be their best on the job. Have your equipment clean and available, packed up and ready to go, long before needing to run out the door for your games. Great referees always have their gear ready (and with them when possible) as games change, sometimes last minute. There are times when a game pops up and a referee is needed right then and there.

Uniform ‐ Every referee is expected to wear clean and official referee gear. You have a choice of manufacturers, but let's put it this way, a yellow t-shirt or black soccer shorts or green cleats are not acceptable parts of a referee's wardrobe. Most LRA referees use Official Sports, but this is completely up to you.

Suggested shirts to get in the following order for most referees:

  • Short-sleeve Yellow - used in almost every game, especially for new referees
  • Later, you can consider buying:

  • Short-sleeve Blue
  • Short-sleeve Green
  • Short-sleeve Red
  • Short-sleeve Black
  • *Long sleeves are really only needed if you are going to do Winter games.

    "My Games" in GO

    Shows the games that a referee is already assigned to, past, present and future for LRA. Clicking the options at the Game Information banner will provide ways to filter the games listed to focus on a few or see all of the games. the drop menu of date ranges will update the list of games presented.

    Know Your Schedule - Print out your schedule before leaving for the fields. This will make sure you have the most current information.


    A referee's credibility on the field starts well before entering the game location. The referee uniform must be clean, appropriate, and treated respectfully by the referee to be respected by others.

  • Do not show up to the field already in the referee jersey if possible. It is a work shirt that must be worn when working.
  • Never show up to the field with referee uniform wadded up or swinging from your hand. If you disrespect the uniform so will others.
  • Wear the correct uniform
  • Timely

    Be at the assign games 30 minutes prior to game start. Everyone is aware that may not be possible if games before run late and therefore start making you late. If you are going to be less than 15 minutes before game time, please call one of the referee crew members (or the assigning if that information is not available for a message to be sent).

    The game pay is for all a referee must do to do the pre-game talk with the other referees, inspect the field, and be mentally and physically ready for the game. It is not the time just between the opening and closing game whistles.

    When a Referee Crew is less than full - Most referees sign up (or are assigned directly) to matches before game day. There may be occasions where there is an opening on the game before or after yours that you are interested in. If you feel up to it and the game is within your ranking, you can do the game. The center referee will confirm with us that you did the game and you will be added to it in Arbiter for the credit and payment. Check your "After Games" to make sure you are properly credited with the game a few days after the game has completed.

    If you schedule in the morning said there was a certain number of referees, they are likely still on the game and running late from another game. If a center has not shown up or an AR on a U15 and above Premier/NPL, then call the assignor celphone number provided to check on this. Often the assignor has information. If the assignor knows that someone will not be at a game after all or is running late, efforts are made to call or text the impacted center referee or ARs.

    For referees not yet ready for the center or higher level AR, feel free to not do the game. If you were assigned as an AR and the center did not show up, you will still be paid for the game if you need to walk away from the game. DO NOT DO GAMES YOU DO NOT FEEL READY FOR. In the long run, we want you to be ready and have a long career as a referee.

    International Walk On

    For all NorCal NPL games, the game must start with an International Walk On. Leagues, and possibly LRA, are fined for NPL games that do not start off with this activity. This is an easy activity to do 5-10 minutes BEFORE game start. Confirm with the coaches well before so they are prepared. If the both coaches decide they don't want to do the walk on, that is fine. For the basic steps of an International Walk On, click here.

    For a video of how in International Walk On should look, click here.

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