New Referees

Getting Started with LRA and quick overview.

This is a summary to get new referees to the Livermore Referee Association "LRA" membership started quickly. The sections below offer more details about different parts of being involved with LRA, getting games, payment, growing and all sorts of things to support the officials. We are a team!

Getting Started →

Getting Started in Gameofficials

Preparing for assignments

Make sure you are using the correct GO Identity. To update for LRA the referee needs to be under the 1360 - LRA - Official identity. The 'Personal Information" area on the left has a number of menu items that referees will use time and time again.

Using Gameofficials →

Assignments - Getting Games and Growing

Getting games and growing

Working as a referee requires doing games. These are the GO features that allow referee to quickly locate games they want to do.

Get Games →

Game Day

Preparation on and off the field. Being prepared for a successfull day.

Whatever your age or experience level, every Livermore Referee is expected to be professional at all times: on or off the field, in appearance and in behavior. Before you even hit the field, the players, coaches, and yes, the spectators are sizing you up. Your credibility on the field began getting judged the minute you were in their eye sight. In fact, most referee's reputation is known before they get to the field. From there, your appearance (yes, it is THAT important) and behavior will help influence the others about your actual ability and caring about their game.

Game Day →

After Games

Game is over when the paperwork is done

Part of the responsibility of every referee is to ensure the game information is correct so everyone is paid correctly.

After Games →


Getting paid for the work

Getting paid for matches worked is quick and easy. LRA utilizes gameofficials for payments to referees.

Payments →

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