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After Games

Game is over when the paperwork is done.

Part of the responsibility of every referee is to ensure the game information is correct so everyone is paid correctly.

"After Games"

After Games in GO ‐ This is the list of games that the referee was assigned to that have alrady occured. Center referees need to complete game report to games to be paid. There are a few questions to answer including confirming the referees listed are the same ones that did the same. Any key notes about the game should be written up in the "Summary Notes to Admin Users" field. The assignor and paymaster will see those notes.

Make sure that you are listed on the correct games. It is not uncommon that changes on the field happen. This can be level of the game is not what was schedule (impacts pay and experience) or a referee crew changes due to coverage or timing issues. Even if you were not the center referee that completes the game report, make sure that final game information is correct. If not, please bring that to the Assignor's attention so each referee gets the right pay and credit for experience.

The game pay is for all a referee must do to do the pre-game talk with the other referees, inspect the field, and be mentally and physically ready for the game. It is not the time just between the opening and closing game whistles.

Send Off Reports

Send off reports for CYSA and NorCal games are different. These forms are found on our FORMS PAGE. All reports must be filled out and sent in to appropriate organizations within 24-hour of the incident.

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