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About Livermore Referee Association

The Livermore Referee Association exists to provide a structure for people to learn how to be a referee for youth soccer as well as provide qualified referees for local youth soccer games to the best of our ability. Membership in the Livermore Referee Association is open to all persons in the community who earn and maintain their status as a USSF-registered referee.

Regular Membership Meetings are held on the fourth Monday of most months of the year. We have current news and association business, open discussion (always interesting) and a presentation that is instructional and always topical.

Meetings are at 7pm at the Livermore Library located at 1188 South Livermore Avenue, Livermore, CA 94550


Interested in Refereeing in Livermore?

If you are a USSF-registered referee and want to referee youth matches in Livermore, contact the LRA Referee Assignor indicating your interest and information requested below. Current referee pay is available on this site. Note that LRA will only assign referees what will be at least 13 years old in the Fall season.

Step 1: Go to https://www.gameofficials.net

*For referees that DO NOT HAVE an existing gameofficials account

New Account Instructions

*For referees that HAVE an existing gameofficials account

Existing Account Instructions


Want to become a Referee?

2018 Referee: GRADE 8 ENTRY LEVEL REFEREE COURSE - Online, Classroom & Field Session

2018 Referee Class Schedule →

The Organization

Our organizaiton is run by a select group of volunteers. Learn more about them below.


Board of Directors

RoleVolunteerKey Responsibiity
Director (Chairperson) Brent Koch Organizational Oversight
Director Brian Hufford Organizational Oversight
Director Corey Nelson Organizational Oversight

Steering Committee

RoleVolunteerKey Responsibiity
President Gary Lazar Key leadership, facilitate meetings and ensure meeting contents
Vice-President Aaron Wilker Back up President, liaison between LRA and soccer league
Treasurer Brent Koch Oversee budget and referee payments
Secretary Kris Cowles Securing LRA documents, handle meeting logistics, manage referee classes

Appointed Volunteers

RoleVolunteerKey Responsibiity
Assignor Eileen Lazar Coordinator game schedules with league, assign referees to appropriate level games, works closely with Mentor Coordinator for matching games to growth/mentoring opportunities
Mentor & Training Coordinator Gary Lazar Oversee the mentors and mentoring process, ensure referee rankings are current and help our referees grow
Youth Referee Representative(s) Amanda Plant & Branden Eddy Youth referee members of the committee to ensure that balanced input for planning and implementation of programs, key contacts for young referee questions and inspiration
Webmaster Aaron Moreno Website updates and maintenance

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